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TAQAT from Woodstock is a revolutionary technology that integrates quality, protection and eco-friendliness. The first of its kind in India, the manufacturing process ensures that every product is par excellence. TAQAT is synonymous to strength; phenomenal strength that gives peace of mind and confidence to create masterpieces and also incorporates anti-hazardous emission properties, making it the perfect choice for all types of interiors and exterior decoration.

The TAQAT Process:

Pre-production comprise a 24 stage process in 'horticulture nurturing' where the plant is treated at regular intervals of four months, for a period of six years ensuring right growth.

Highlights of the TAQAT Process:

  • Diffusion treatment of logs with inorganic aqueous solution
  • Diffusion and or vacuum process, as per segment for sustenance
  • Unique organic chemical combined with non-leachable stabilizer & preservatives.
  • Immersion system for core, panel veneers
  • Both organic / inorganic G.L.P. treatment for different categories of resin
  • Total sterilization achieved prior to seasoning by pesticides in gaseous fumes
  • Extremely powerful pesticides in gaseous fumes incorporated
  • High F.V. process ensures quality product
  • Pre-conditioning treatment in hot phase
  • Optimum absorption and end stage sealing of material

Making ply is carried out under stringent quality policy, following the euro norms. This TQM (Total Quality Management) process of Woodstock product repels borers, termites and fungus in all respects. This is further endorsed by the ISO certification that comes with total assurance. We use wide belt sand to get even finish. The finished products we deliver to our customers are eco friendly, thereby promising a healthy living for generations to come.

When it comes to offering quality products to your customers, give them total value for their money with TAQAT. It's your guarantee for absolute confidence and a great finish resulting in furniture that is strong, durable and toxic free that will last for years to come.

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