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What is the maximum board size you can press?

Normally 3050 x 1525mm, but we can press small quantities of larger sizes.

What thickness of board can you press?

Approximately 1.5mm to 100mm.

Can you veneer interior doors?

Not if they are of a hollow construction. We can veneer solid core doors, such as fire doors.

Can you use a veneered door in an external location, exposed to the elements?

We do not recommend that veneered doors are used externally.

What adhesives do you use?

We use PVA synthetic adhesive.

Is the adhesive you use waterproof?

Our standard adhesive is resistant to EN204 Group D3, which is suitable for most normal applications. We also offer a 2 - part system featuring high water and heat resistance. This conforms to EN 204 Group D4.

Can you re-veneer my dining room tabletop?

Almost certainly not. Our process relies, on a level flat surface, it is far easier (and cheaper) to re-manufacture from scratch, although it could be worthwhile talking to a French polisher.

Will you veneer materials we supply?

Yes, as long as it is of a standard suitable for pressing.

We wish to match some panels that already exist; can you identify a veneer from a picture?

Yes we can identify most veneers from either a good quality photograph or viewing the panels in situ.

What grit do you sand your panels to?

Normally 180 grit but we can provide an ultra-fine sand if required.

Can you supply curved veneered panels?


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